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Power System :


Electric power fittings refer to the hardware used to connect and compose various devices in electric power system, protecting or transmitting mechanical load&electrical load.

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    suspension clamp Strain clampLink fittingSplicing fitting


Fittings come in a rich variety with various applications, e.g. clamps for conductor installation, links for composing insulator strings, splicing sleeves and repair sleeves for conductor connection, spacers for conductor dividing, etc. It also includes the guy wire fittings used in towers, which has a close relation with the size of protected conductor.


1.suspension clamp
Mainly used to fix the conductor to the insulator string, or suspend ground wire on tangent towers, also can be used to support the transposed conductor to transposition tower, or attach jumper to the strain tower or the angle tower.
It can be divided into trunnion type, carrisd-up type and hang-down type according to the relative position relation between rotary axis and conductor axis; or divided into fixed type, slidding(releasing) type, limited grip strength type according to the grip strength requried by the suspension clamp.

Clamp Grip Strenght / Conductor&Ground Wire RTS Ratio

conductor type Al/St Section Ratio α Ratio(%)
Galvanized Steel Wire Strand, Aluminium-clad steel conductor(ACS), Aluminium clad steel conductor steel reinforced - 14
Aluminium Condutor Steel Reinforced(ACSR) α≤2.3 14
Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced (AACSR) 2.3<α≤3.9 16
Aluminium Conductor Aluminium-Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR-AW) 3.9<α≤4.9 18
Heat-resistant AACSR 4.9<α≤6.8 20
Aluminium Alloy Conductor Aluminium-clad Steel Reinforced 6.8<α≤11.0 22
Heat-resisting Aluminium Alloy Conductor Aluminium-clad steel Reinforced α>11.0 24
All Aluminium Conductor(AAC), All Aluminium Alloy Conductor(AAAC), Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Alloy Reinforced( ACAR) - 24
Bare Copper Conductor - 24
Slot radius of the clamp body


slot radius

4.0 7.0 11 14 17 20 23 27 30 35
Max Dia. of Conductor/ ground wire ( wrapping and winding included ) 7.0 13 21 27 33 39 45 53 59 69
Min Dia. of Conductor/ ground wire ( wrapping and winding included ) 4.8 7.0 13 20 27 32 37 43 48 56

2.Strain clamp
Mainly used to secure conductor /ground wire terminals of strain towers, or bracing wire terminals of pole towers in overhead lines, distribution lines, substations and power plant distribution device systems. Bear all tension of the conductor, earth wire and ground wire. Based on the structure and installation methods, it can be classified into compression type, bolt type and wedge type.
Generally, there are two types of compression strain clamps, namely, hydraulic and explosive pressing, connected either by ring connection or clevis and tongue coupling.

Fitting Type


Fitting Type


compression type


For distribution line


Bolt type


For insulated wire( insulating layer stripped)


Wedge type


For substation


3.Link fitting
Mainly used to string insulators or connect fittings. Bear mechnical load.
Generally it has:
ball clevis type, socket-clevis eye(single plate, double plates), shackles, extensive link, eye chain link, clevis& tongue (twisted strap of GD/V type, twisted strap, clevises of type Z/ZS/PD/P/PS/UB/V), extension rod, adjuster plate, towing plate, U-bolt, yoke plate (type L/square/suspension)
Generally made of malleable cast iron and steel. All ferrous metals are hot-dip galvanized.

4.Splicing fitting
Mainly used to connect bare conductor and ground wire, undertaking electric load which is the same with that of the conductor. Most splicing fittings bear the whole tension of the conductor, earth wire or overhead ground wire.
Can be divided into strenght bearing type and non-bearing type according to the born force. But generally it comes into compression type and prefromed type.The compression splicing fitting has three types, namely, compression with plier, hydraulic compression and explosive overlap joint.
Generally made of malleable cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy. All ferrous metals are hot-dip galvanized.

 5.Protective fitting
Mainly used to proect conductor and insulator, etc., such as grading ring protecting insulators, counter weight keeping insulator string downwards, damper and armor rod preventing conductor galloping. It should enable the protected target to stand the aeolian vibration, yet causing no fatigue damage. It undertakes certain amount of mechnical load.In general, it includes damper, spacer(double-bundle, three—bundle, four-bundle, six-bundle and eight-bundle), prefromed armor rod, aluminum armour tape, counter weight, grading and shielding ring, arcing horn, etc.It is generally made of malleable cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy. All ferrous metals are hot-dip galvanized.

6.Guy wire fitting
Mainly used for tower setting up, anchoring, and fitting connecting. It bears mechnical load. Generally it includes: wedge clamp, NUT type clamp, U type shackle, guy clip, PD type strap, LV type yoke plate of double guy wire, NL type compression clamp.It is generally made of malleable cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy. All ferrous metals are hot-dip galvanized.



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