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Recruitment :

Huatong cable always sees staff as the company’s most valuable treasure, therefore, we are willing to attract excellent and potential talents and provide employees with a large and flexible space for their development. Huatong cherishes every employee who has professionalism no matter what his position is. So join us for self-fulfillment and growing with Huatong.

Sales representative for domestic market

Job content: Participate in the bidding activities of major Power Grid companies.Participate in the bidding of the social enterprise projects, find customer demands and strive to accomplish sales performance.
Job Requirements: 1、College degree or above, male or female.
2、Above 2 years of this working experience or similar position.
3、Who has experience of wire & cable sale is preferred.
4、Who has relationship in electric or engineering projects is preferred.
Work Place: Yanshi city, Henan, or other provincial administrative regions which have products market.

Sales representative for overseas market

Job content: Participate in the bidding activities of foreign Power Grid companies.Explore the power related business customers in different countries and expand product market based on marketing activities and contribute to the company's profits by maximizing sales.
Job Requirements: 1、Language: TEM-8 is required for English majors and CET-6 for Non English majors.
2、International Trade major and who has cable sales experience is preferred.
3、Beside English who has other foreign language ability is preferred.
Work place: Zhengzhou city or overseas market offices.
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