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History :

We are committed to be a first-class enterprise which can offer comprehensive solutions.The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep.Be it a big step, or a small one.Huatong doesn’t seek to move fast, but to move further ahead.

  • August, 2016

    Overhead conductor of 500KV+ and Aluminum alloy cable passed the qualification examination and approval of State Grid Corporation of China.

  • March, 2016

    Ten million was invested for the improvement of CCV equipment.

  • October, 2015

    Listed on NEEQ under the stock code: 833931

  • June, 2015

    Introduced the joint stock system and changed its name into Huatong Cable Inc.

  • April, 2013

    Reconstructed Huatong cable workshop for LV/MV with annual output of 30,000km.

  • April, 2011

    Won the bidding for 153 million CNY worth of products for the Xinjiang branch of the State Grid Corporation of China.

  • March, 2010

    Obtained 100,000 sq.m. for industrial land use, entering the planning stage.

  • May, 2008

    EHV conductor at 500Kv+ passed the technical evaluation of China Electricity Council.

  • January, 2008

    Provided power material to support power restoration at the time of heavy snow disaster in Southern China.

  • June, 2005

    Established the Division of Cable Industrial Design and Technology R&D.

  • July, 1995

    Established Huatong as a brand and made forays into the market, paving the way for its later development.

  • June, 1993

    Mr Shi Wanqing founded the Luoyang Huatong Cable Factory, which specialized in wires and cables for electrical equipment.

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