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Charitable activities

Charitable activities :

While developing its business Huatong Cable Inc. makes a point of pursuing long-terms goals for the public good by sharing its profits with small businesses, contributing to community building and investing in the company itself. We highly value social benefits and believe in giving wealth back to society.

  • Poverty Alleviation

    Poverty Alleviation

    Huatong Cable Inc. keeps on unofficially supporting the underprivileged communities and areas through various institutions, In the industrially developed Luoyang where our factory is based, a part of its population are still impoverished. Huatong shareholders have consequently set up special funds to send necessities like oil and rice to older people living alone during every Spring Festival, helping them feel loved and cherished.

  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    Huatong Cable Inc. advocates low smoke halogen-free flame retardant products to prevent fires and cut air pollution emissions of secondary disasters. We have taken steps to do out bit in air quality improvement by planting trees, which will turn acid soil into plant-friendly soil.

  • Activating the Life of the Community

    Activating the Life of the Community

    In May, 2013, Huatong invited the Henan Yu Opera (one of China's famous national opera forms) Troupe to perform five times at Huatong Industrial Park, in an effort to bring spice into the life of local residents. Above is vice president of China Theater Association and National Class-A Actor Mr. Li Shujian playing a part in the classic The Revenge of the Orphan of Chao. The show was a great success and the audience felt excited and joyful because of the excellence performance.

  • Donation to United Nations Children's Fund

    Donation to United Nations Children's Fund

    About 4 out of 10 children in China are directly affected by population movement. These children are ignored by their parents and the society and they may suffer from various physiological and psychological problems at any time. They are always in a vulnerable status in their growth. Shareholders of Huatong cable actively have been participating in the monthly donation program through the United Nations Children's Fund. The donated money will be spent on the most needed items which will change those children's life and the future of our society. Also, we would like to call on people from all

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