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Business Qualification

9141030070654283XB  Business license Luoyang Administration for Industry and Commerce  
70654283X Organization code Luoyang Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision  
41038170654283X  Tax registration certificate Luoyang Municipal Taxation Bureau  
J4931000018206 Account opening permit People's Bank of China, Yanshi branch  
07612Q10645R2S  ISO9001:2008 certificate Beijing Zhong Run Xing Certification Co., Ltd.  
(豫)XK06-001-00100 license for the manufacturing of industrial products Henan Provincial Bureau of technology and quality supervision  
2003010105060012/0010 3C compulsory certification China Quality Certification Center  
4101600185 Self inspection record Luoyang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau  
410070654283X  Record and Registration of Foreign Trade Operators Luoyang Bureau of Commerce  
4103960458 Certificate of registration Luoyang customs  
410100393 Certificate of origin Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau  

Technical Patent

Certificate No. Certificate Name
4192600 High temperature and corrosion resistant cable
4193206 Polygonal aerial cable
4122363 Multicore insulated cable
4122110 Composite core aluminum stranded overhead insulated cable
4194102 Flame retardant cable
4272854 High line device
4194436 Cable Protection Sheath
4218211 Fire resistant control cable
4122350 control cable of low smoke, low halogen, flame-retardant 
5079349 Detachable nano pressing mould for cable core processing
5078720 Environment friendly inorganic mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable
5079550 Wear-resistant multi-core flat cable of easy wiring
5079144 Flat flexible flame-retardant cable
5079571 Multi-core overhead insulated cable with split phase mark
5079433 High voltage overhead insulated cable
5078543 Composite insulated parallel bunched overhead insulated cable
5078549 Aerial insulated cables for tropical islands
5078979 Wire breakage protection device for stranding machine
5079589 High strength overhead insulated cable
5227922 Aerial insulated fireproof cable suitable for residential area
5170882 Fast clamp for high-voltage test of power cable
5078494 Low temperature cable for easy wiring
5078584 Horizontal cable winding machine
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