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Personnel Welfare

Personnel Welfare

  • Housing fund:

    1. Provide house purchasing fund and full lease fund
    2. Or dormitory for local business field
  • Traffic Allowance:

    1. Promptly reimburse travel expenses
    2. Traffic fee and provide commuter bus
  • Tuition Support:

    1. Provide full tuition of middle school, high school and college for children of crew.
  • Wedding and Condolence Fees:

    1. Provide all kinds of wedding and condolence fees and paid vacation
  • Other Support:

    1. Foreigner Language Training
    2. Group Term Insurance
    3. Community Activities Inside Company
  • Medical Insurance Support:

    1. Employee Medical Expenses
    2. Comprehensive Physical Examination (Including Biennial Physical Examination for His Spouse)
    3. Medical Insurance Benefits
    4. Support for social welfare funds (Family Support).
  1. Email:
  2. Tel: +86-18637911633
  3. Fax: 0379-67522688