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Company Profile:

Huatong cable, founded in 1993, is committed to cable R&D and production, it has provided various cables and product solutions from EHV power grid to the daily life of mankind, which has contributed to power grid construction in China and also other countries around the world. We will forge ahead to advanced technology and application fields, on the basis of adhering to innovation, innovate technology and material constantly.

Our cable is widely use among 34 provincial administrative regions in domestic because of many years of close cooperation with State Grid and China Southern Power Grid. Meanwhile, we also help some foreign cities and power companies build their own power grid, such as Kenya Power, Electricity of Vietnam. We also have supplied a series of high-tech products for petrochemical industry, the strategic cooperation agreement signed with Sinopec Group, which allows Huatong cable to enter high-tech field of petroleum drilling, the production of umbilical cable for offshore oil platform indicates we can supply a series of products and service to petrochemical operators.

  • 2008 Olympic

  • 2010 Shanghai World Expo Venue

  • Three-Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River

  • High speed rail

Our Lv/Mv flame retardant cables can be found in the most spectacular and the most advanced construction centers in construction and energy fields, such as the national stadium of Bird’s Nest built for 2008 Olympic, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Venue and one of the most challenging construction projects in energy field---Three-Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River. As for the transportation field, we provide stable and efficient power and control cables for high speed rail system, which is the fast train in China with a speed of 450km/h.

Adhering to client-centered, we keep monitoring our product quality from product design to delivery by using given or agreed parameters to ensure they meet clients’ expectations. Our solutions can not only meet specific standards, but also meet the specific requirements of clients. We keep improving standards in order to become a benchmark of service quality, speed and flexibility. As a public company, we adopt a transparent management system and maintain sustainable development with what we have drawn from it. Through business model innovation and high-quality green products development, Our strategic cooperation with customers has been strengthened to achieve higher investment potential and geographical coverage for a broader future.

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