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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process :

Processing Process

  • 01

    CCDR ( Continue Casting Direct Rolling )

    Put the Aluminum ingot into the melting furnace, moulding it into Aluminum rod or Aluminum alloy rod of diameter 8-9.5mm after melt.

  • 02

    Wire drawing

    Draw the electric round aluminum rod into wire of diameter 0.15-5mm with high-speed drawing equipment.

  • 03

    High-temperature processing

    In order to make kinds of conductors, change physical property of Aluminum wire or Aluminum alloy wire with high-temperature processing.

  • 04

    Resistance measurement

    The measurement of the semi-finished conductor can avoid the low quality.

  • 05


    Strand one or more wire layers surrounding the concentric wire into conductor.

  • 06


    The overhead stranded conductors, which will be used in high-voltage or extra-high voltage power lines, should be strictly tested before put into market.

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