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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

The social responsibility is the global standard for business practice and the strategy and competitiveness for sustainable development.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Economic Responsibility

    Keep sustainable development by creating profit

  • Legal Responsibility

    Legal business operation

  • Sustainable Development Responsibility

    Business operation according to the ethical standard formed by social concept

  • Moral Responsibility

    The cultural activities, donation and volunteer activities with no direct relation with business operation

  • Sustainable Management

On November 1st, 2010, ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility with the theme of “Share Responsibility, Realize Sustainable Development” was released at Geneva International Conference Center. The academic circles, business circles, political circles and global various fields have global standard in the aspect of social responsibility.
The social responsibility put forward on China Corporate Social Responsibility Report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2011 refers to the development level of corporate social responsibility in the four aspects—economic responsibility, legal responsibility, sustainable development responsibility, moral responsibility.

Trust Enterprises and Products

Promote the image of Enterprise and Staff

Establish Reputation, Increase THE Value / Result of the Enterprise

Ensure the Stability of Investment

The sustainable management of our company refers to taking social responsibility as basis, assuming the “economic and legal responsibility” such as creating profit and observing regulations as the corporate behavior, the sustainable development responsibility as the obligation, and “complying with business ethics” as the principle and developing into your best partner.

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